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**POSTED 03/02/2023**

In March 2020, LDH made operational changes to the Medicaid program in response to the National COVID-19 Public Health Emergency (PHE). This included suspending many eligibility requirements to obtain Medicaid.

The Federal government announced on January 30th that the PHE is ending on May 11, 2023. This puts our state on notice to re-determine eligibility for all two million Louisiana Medicaid enrollees. Contact information must be correct so that when Medicaid sends a request for updated eligibility information, they reach the member in question. Members will need to submit updated eligibility information in a timely manner. Those who do not respond to requests for information run the risk of losing their Medicaid coverage, even if they are still eligible. This also means current enrollees may no longer be eligible for Medicaid and must seek other forms of coverage and/or plan for how they will receive care.

The Medicaid program has been working with MCOs, provider associations, providers, community organizations and advocacy organizations to spread awareness and prepare Medicaid members for the resumption of eligibility reviews. In November, our Medicaid partners shared this information with us at our OPH Town Hall. Given the now confirmed end date of the PHE, our goal is to support this call to action and assist with raising awareness of these action steps with as many members as possible through every direct or indirect contact we currently have in our daily community interactions.

**POSTED 06/15/2022**

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